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It’s the summer of love and La Famiglia has never before presented more romantic styles. So we put together a short guide of wedding material for everyone getting married, of course, and for those who celebrate the married couples.

This guide isn’t definitive in any way. La Famiglia has never liked being grounded by rules and thus has taken into the crafty hands of the atelier to create any design, really, one could ever dream of.

Pearl dress

Of course, wedding requires classy accessories. Together with Pi-Ret Jewellery La Famiglia has been working on a grand ensemble of pearl accessories to be matched with such event.

Blossom earrings and Millicent necklace for a more classic look or a golden Isabelle necklace that hangs on the back. Each and every one of those pieces is created using hand-picked pearls that are unique in size, shape and tone. It’s a work of art to achieve the exact earring, necklace or bracelet that Pi-Ret Jewellery and La Famiglia’s designers firstly draw, then check, make a first example and finally put together to get the exact end result wanted. Much like having a wedding – imagine, test options, say “yes” and enjoy yourself.

For many other options discover more pieces for the summer wedding season down below:

Ellis dress

If you come up with an idea that has not seen the light of day or need a piece to be adjusted to exactly your vision and measurements, then let us know here.

However, La Famiglia has already a few ready-to-wear and couture options to present. Starting with couture wedding dresses, the Ellis dress might have fallen out from a fairy tale. There’s nothing much to add. Talk about adding… At the presentation of Ranzo collection in 2021, there was a whole concept taken apart and added piece by piece.

It all started with just a simple white bodysuit with almost uppity shoulders. Then a skirt emerged with an extra layer made of delicate dotted silk. And finally sleeves out of the same dotted silk embellished with beautiful white lace were added. What a unique and refined design drawn together layer by layer. Voilà – Pearl is perfection in the form of a dress.

Blossom earrings