The beaver fur we use is from Estonia and it’s treated here, too. Since there’s a decent population of beavers here in Estonia, their existence has a big impact on local forestry and economics.

In some areas, where too many beavers abide in, over half of them die, because of the territory fights they have between themselves. That’s one of the reasons why there’s a need for a calculated hunt for beavers- to provide optimal conditions for their species.

Press release about our first fashion show with beaver fur items was the Cammaya collection:

Beaver fur coats are considered one of the best type of fur coats. Beaver is an aquatic animal with shiny guard hair and exceptionally thick underfur.

The colour range is wide. It may be dark brown on the back, shading to pale golden brown on the sides. Or the entire fur may be pale, silver even. Beaver fur is used natural, plucked and sheared, which makes it easier to treat & use.

Beaver fur has many useful qualities:
– it’s a water animal with positive energy and is perfectly suitable for cold & wet weather
– super durable
– keeps warm
– not only waterproof but super resilient, as well
– holds their shape and colour longer than any other fur or woven cloth product on the market.

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