Ranzo is a unique winter-spring collection immersed in the refined Italian fabrics, connecting to the good old classics & Western styles alike.

The original Ranzo is a little town in Italy, thus the blend of classic & Western designs compliment one another. Think of Ranzo as a freshly renovated Italian cottage in the middle of a field of towering cypresses & almost ancient olive trees. The collection & cottage alike embody the same sense of dignity for class, yet have their own mighty character.

Ranzo is a collection that suits every occasion or time of the day. A simple mix & match of materials and composition creates such versatile looks. Morning look for a day in office can easily be elevated, using the same pieces from your wardrobe, to go for a sophisticated dinner in the evening.

The collection itself is perfect for a capsule wardrobe. There’s everything one would wear- from office-wear to wedding gowns.

The most used fabrics in Ranzo all contain high-quality Italian “Queen of fabrics”. We are talking about silk, whether it’s pure silk, viscose-silk or brocade-silk.

It’s also one of the healthiest fabrics. Silk dries quickly and resists odor, all because of its breathability. And it’s hypoallergenic!

Ranzo’s pieces are playful & ever-changing, each one proves it with tricks up their sleeves. Quite literally. Montana, the blazer pictured on the right, has zippers & magnets sewn in the sleeve. The sleeves can be worn open or closed, magnets are only connecting the very ends.

Find some of the pieces from Ranzo down below!