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Riina Laanetu


Since a young age Riina knew she wanted to become a tailor. So she did. Back then Riina designed clothes for ballroom dancers, bikini fitness, figure skaters, boxers & many others before creating her own brand. Fast forward some years & in 2016 Riina launched the first collection of La Famiglia Couture. Having studied to be a tailor and been working in this field her entire life, she knows the secrets of making flawlessly fitting and comfortable clothes. Sport is an important part of her lifestyle and most of her ideas come to her while working out. Riina believes that if one does something they truly love for a living, work can be called quality time.


The brand La Famiglia Couture is inspired by the architecture of Old Europe & its immortal charm. Riina has been deeply influenced by Italy and this can be sensed in each of her collections. La Famiglia encourages women to stay feminine wherever they go & whatever they do. Hence the broad spectrum of clothing lines- sportswear, smart casual & couture clothing. The brand reflects how each piece of a clothing has a little party on its own, yet they’re still wearable on any occasion. The latest collections of La Famiglia embody metamorphic concept- dress up, dress down; add or lose some parts to change the whole idea of an outfit.



La Famiglia & Pi-Ret Jewelry have been collaborating since 2016 when they presented the kaleidoscopic combination of clothing & pearls at the “Attraversiamo” show. The long partnership has resulted in the La Famiglia jewelry collection, emphasis on unique pearls. Both minimalists and statement jewelry seekers will find something from this collection. The bold femininity of La Famiglia & the gentle touch of Pi-Ret Jewelry go hand in hand ever since.

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