about us

Riina Laanetu - the founder of La Famiglia Couture has studied to be a tailor and has worked in this field her entire career. She has designed outfits for many of ballroom dancers and also other competitors (like bikini fitness & figure skating). She knows the secrets to flawlessly fitting clothes. Comfortable is the key-word and triumph in her clothing design. Sport is an important part of her lifestyle and most of her ideas come while working out. She believes that if one does something they truly love for a living, work can be called quality time!

La Famiglia

The exclusive brand La Famiglia Couture was founded in 2012. The designs are inspired by the architecture of old Europe and its immortal charm. Riina has been deeply influenced by Italy and this can be sensed in each of her collections. Our brand encourages women to stay feminine wherever they go and whatever they do. Clients have said that La Famiglia clothing makes them feel comfortable and confident in every situation. Our  motto is: „Each piece of clothing is a little party on its own”.


High quality Italian fabrics are used for each La Famiglia’s collection. Riina always picks the materials that tend to keep their form and feel comfortable for the wearer. In the sports collection she combines the English quality with some clever solutions by the fabric producers. Beaver fur is known for its good energy and is used for La Famiglia fur coats that are perfect for both rainy and cold weather. Beaver hunt is needed and regulated by law in Estonia, all the fur is rightfully obtained.

Categories represented by La Famiglia

  • Haute couture
  • Smart Casual
  • Bridal
  • Fur
  • Sporty
  • LF Pearls


Another passion of Riina Laanetu is interior design. Her work can be seen in the video "CARA", where modern meets classical. Her interior design can also be witnessed in the foyer and luxury private office of Veerenni Health Center. This light interior is timeless and exciting at the same time, combining the most elegant aspects of open office interior, newest technology, lighting and fragrance solutions, thus creating inspiring and relaxing working atmosphere.


La Famiglia & Pi-Ret Jewelry have been working together since 2016 when they presented the kaleidoscopic combination of clothes and pearls at the “Attraversiamo” fashion show. Long partnership has resulted in the La Famiglia jewelry collection, where the emphasis is on unique pearls. Both minimalists and “statement-making” jewelry seekers will find something from this collection. In this collection La Famiglia’s bold femininity and Pi-Ret Jewelry’s gentle dimension go hand in hand.