Daeva shirt


be bold.

This summer smells like freedom. It’s full of events and cheerful moments to just breath and enjoy life.

There’s a question that remains, whatever the season –
‘What to wear?’

We made it easy this summer by putting together a short yet conclusive guide of summer essentials for all the upcoming occasions. Although every season a limited colour palette is named as THE season palette, we didn’t take that into consideration. La Famiglia doesn’t really agree with fixed frameworks, but encourages to wear what makes you feel confident, elegant and comfortable. Summertime especially is the time to wear bold and fun pieces to play around with. And quite honestly, one can get away with a lot of choices that normally aren’t accompanied with enough courage.

Summer is absolutely the season of the wildest accessories that double as functional pieces. Summer events require comfortable and functional yet always an elegant look and that’s where accessories come in.

Carolite skirt

It’s suitable for a variety of occasions and could be styled in many different ways. A stunning piece to have in capsule wardrobe.

2. OPTION – dress

Summer is perfect for wearing airy and fun cuts. Earnestine dress is that kind of eye-catching yet light design that fits most occasions – beach and evening cocktail parties. For more chic occasions discover the wedding guide.

If there’s more inspiration to be had for this summer then have a look down below or visit the Inspiration Vault. Do remember – everything truly is possible. At least at La Famiglia’s atelier.

Rio bag

Pair a simple dress with a nifty bag that could be worn around waist, as well – could never lose it and still fit all the makeup, phone and all of the stuff that ends up in a bag for “just in case” reasons. Accessories like Rio bag add the much needed details, movement and colour to a look.

To help choose the right outfit, just set the base – is it more comfortable to wear a dress or trousers. Build everything around the base. This way you always have one thing to come back to if the end result doesn’t work for you.

  1. OPTION – two-piece look

Always an easy way out. It could look moderate, eye-catching or both. So many options, but for one – flowy and timeless Carolite skirt made of luxurious silky material.

Earnestine dress


Don’t forget that La Famiglia offers customisation at its atelier in Tallinn! Or send those measurements by email & get the items made exactly for you!